Rachel Steele Superheroine [Wonder Woman Violated]

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    Rachel Steele Superheroine [Wonder Woman Violated]

    Wunder Woman Violated
    Wunder Woman has entered a secret hideaway of a known terrorist. As she is cautiously looking around the room she is attacked by him. He clamps a rag over her face.

    She struggles but slowly falls. He then uses restraints to bind her to a chair. Wunder Woman awakens and he has a held to her head. He pulls her top down to see her

    wonder tits. He forces her to suck his cock until he cums in her mouth. Wunder Woman spits his cum out. He punches her in the face a few times then unties her. With a to

    her head, he leads her into a bedroom where he slams her down. He pulls her suit off to the side and mounts her wonder pussy. She protests but her hands are bound too

    tight behind her back. He pounds her as she promises he would not get away with this. He punches her across the face knocking her . The terrorist strips her of her suit. He

    turns her over as she regains consciousness and fucks her from behind. He keeps his on her as she may try something. He pulls his cock out and shoots his load all over

    her wonder ass all the way up to her bountiful black hair. Wunder Woman curses him . He keeps her there for more abuse.

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